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Decades of networking, managing, mentoring, and developing thousands of individuals and leadership teams has led me to start my own company Phoenix5, advising organizations on their people practices and the future of the workforce. My 3-step StrataGEMTM method will transform your organization in an accelerated way with maximum return.

"My role as a coach is to infuse the process with straight talk and take advice out of the realm of ambiguity."

- Dana Shaw-Arimoto, founder of Phoenix5



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Hero Syndrome: A High Pedestal to Fall Off

In more recent years, many workplace issues have come under the spotlight: diversity, benefits, work-day length, etc. For this article, however, I want to discuss the underdog of workplace issues, the Hero Syndrome.


Moving Out to Move Up

Hitting your head on a ceiling of any kind will leave a bump, and it's not worth sticking around a company that refuses to crack its glass ceiling for you.


Instant Leader? 5 DIY Steps to Becoming a Market Maker

"Have you always wanted to be a successful and inspiring leader? Well, have I got just the thing for you!"



  • vickrey mccann hamner

    "Dana led our founder's team through a day-long strategy workshop. The focus was on realigning goals and objectives, creating a services roadmap - including go-to-market messaging - and projecting growth and impact over the next three to five years. We walked away with an actionable (and manageable) plan with milestones and deliverables, as well as a team who is more energized and focused. Bottom line, she asked the tough questions which led to the right answers. While humbling and at times difficult, we now are better postured for future success thanks to her guidance and business expertise."

    Leslie Vickrey, Megan McCann, Jane Gilligan Hamner,
    Co-Founders of ARA

  • teresa creech

    "Dana has a rare combination of intuition, empathy, and gentle strength that brings out the best in the individuals and teams with whom she engages. These qualities drive performance, but in a way that engenders passion, engagement and loyalty. She is uniquely qualified to address complex business challenges by translating them into consumable, people-focused solution components. Dana knows that the best companies build strategies with talent at the center."

    Teresa Creech,
    CEO of TalentWave

  • jennifer higgins

    "Dana is a fantastic performance coach! She helped me reconfirm my strengths and really focus on how to leverage them as I work to further develop my career. One of the exercises I found most valuable was role-playing. It was a great way for me to practice leveraging my strengths. Dana is a great listener and motivator and I'm so thankful for the mental doors she opened for me!"

    Jennifer Higgins,
    Account Director at ClearEdge Marketing

  • brian delle donne

    "As a facilitator, Dana has an innate ability to take in and digest vast amounts of information and amazingly synthesize it all into a succinct set of actionable objectives. We found her capacity for crystallizing divergent inputs into a unified view that all could align around to be just remarkable. When engaging Dana as a coach for my team, I found her an extremely well versed practitioner of the Strength Finder methodology. Dana brings a ton of people experience to bear as she translates individual findings into team composition. I feel like the team is now ideally aware of our collective strengths and confidently able to leverage those for outsized results."

    Brian Delle Donne,
    President Talent Tech Labs, LLC

  • jeff pieta

    "Dana has the rare combination of a broad domain knowledge, extensive industry connections, and the ability to make innovation actionable. Those that don’t appreciate Dana are simply making it harder on themselves to succeed. Those with Dana on their side have a competitive advantage."

    Jeff Pieta,
    Co-Founder, Shiftgig

  • jonathan kestenbaum

    "I knew that the coaching work I've been doing with Dana over the past five months was really working when I started hating her! This is where the growth comes from. My team and executive colleagues have noticed the difference, which fuels my confidence and results."

    Jonathan F. Kestenbaum,
    Executive Director, Talent Tech Labs