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Decades of networking, managing, mentoring, and developing thousands of individuals and leadership teams has led me to start my own company Phoenix®, advising organizations on their people practices and the future of the workforce. My 3-step StrataGEM® method will transform your organization in an accelerated way with maximum return.

"My role as a coach is to infuse the process with straight talk and take advice out of the realm of ambiguity."

- Dana Shaw-Arimoto, founder of Phoenix5



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I post about a range of topics: From self-actualization tips to the talent ecosystem. Engage with me through my blog page here!

Countdown to Book Launch: Carbon into Diamond

I am so excited to announce that my book, Stop Settling, Settle Smart, is officially launching on Amazon on February 5th!


How to Pursue Passion Projects without Burnout

Passion drives most of us. For some of us, it may be our work, for others, it may be outside of career. Either way, we are all passionate about something. And that passion should be nurtured and grown but it is very easy to burn out doing something you love.


What’s Important to You? 3 Questions to Help You Find Your Individual Core Values

Your core values are how you define yourself. They are your non-negotiables and deal breakers. Your line in the sand. To be a successful leader, your individual and leadership core values must be absolute and shift rarely, if ever.



  • teresa creech

    "Dana has a rare combination of intuition, empathy, and gentle strength that brings out the best in the individuals and teams with whom she engages. These qualities drive performance, but in a way that engenders passion, engagement and loyalty. She is uniquely qualified to address complex business challenges by translating them into consumable, people-focused solution components. Dana knows that the best companies build strategies with talent at the center."

    Teresa Creech,
    CEO of TalentWave

  • jj hurley

    "Dana has added value to my professional growth from our first conversation. I step away from each coaching session with action items I can implement immediately that will help my organization growth both culturally and financially."

    JJ Hurley,
    CEO, GDH

  • brian delle donne

    "As a facilitator, Dana has an innate ability to take in and digest vast amounts of information and amazingly synthesize it all into a succinct set of actionable objectives. We found her capacity for crystallizing divergent inputs into a unified view that all could align around to be just remarkable. When engaging Dana as a coach for my team, I found her an extremely well versed practitioner of the Strength Finder methodology. Dana brings a ton of people experience to bear as she translates individual findings into team composition. I feel like the team is now ideally aware of our collective strengths and confidently able to leverage those for outsized results."

    Brian Delle Donne,
    President, Talent Tech Labs, LLC

  • gene holtzman

    "Dana's expertise as a thought leader, coach, and strategic advisor to my incubator firm Talent Tech Labs has been really helpful, and frankly, an asset that doesn’t come easily without all her connections and vantage points that she’s had in all her roles throughout her journey in the staffing space. Some of the most successful firms within the industry have benefited from Dana’s actionable insights and are amongst some of my own peers and even competitors, all of which she’s helped grow with her out of the box thinking and positive influence."

    Gene Holtzman,
    President, Mitchell Martin

  • jeff pieta

    "Dana has the rare combination of a broad domain knowledge, extensive industry connections, and the ability to make innovation actionable. Those that don’t appreciate Dana are simply making it harder on themselves to succeed. Those with Dana on their side have a competitive advantage."

    Jeff Pieta,
    Co-Founder, Shiftgig

  • vickrey mccann hamner

    "Dana led our founder's team through a day-long strategy workshop. The focus was on realigning goals and objectives, creating a services roadmap - including go-to-market messaging - and projecting growth and impact over the next three to five years. We walked away with an actionable (and manageable) plan with milestones and deliverables, as well as a team who is more energized and focused. Bottom line, she asked the tough questions which led to the right answers. While humbling and at times difficult, we now are better postured for future success thanks to her guidance and business expertise."

    Leslie Vickrey, Megan McCann, Jane Gilligan Hamner,
    Co-Founders of ARA

  • garry mathiason

    "In addition to her vision and insight, Dana radiates energy and is a master communicator and 'teacher,' sharing her expertise as an advisor to some of the industry's most successful firms. Vision, knowledge, intensity, and respect define Dana and make her an extraordinary woman of influence across the industry!"

    Garry Mathiason,
    Partner, Littler Mendelson

  • paul hansen

    "Dana, I really enjoyed meeting and working with you at our recent strategic planning meetings. You are a gifted and engaging facilitator and the feedback from our Board was overwhelmingly positive. The group is super excited about the future of the association and that is in no small way attributable to your exemplary thought leadership and deep industry expertise. Very much look forward to continuing our journey on the road to excellence."

    Paul Hansen,
    President, Tech Serve Alliance

  • eddie lou

    "I consider Dana both a pioneering voice and visionary thinker in redefining traditional notions of work. Based on her extensive staffing connections and domain expertise, especially her MSP perspective, we were thrilled when she accepted a position on our advisory board. Bringing us both a rich history of industry knowledge and the imagination and flexibility to envision a completely new future, her counsel is invaluable."

    Eddie Lou,
    CEO and Co-Founder, Shiftgig

  • kip wright

    "There are few as committed to advancing our industry and the people responsible for its growth as Dana Shaw-Arimoto, and even fewer that have made such a positive impact in the lives she’s touched – including mine!"

    Kip Wright,
    President and CEO, Genuent

  • nick george

    "When it comes to dreaming and pursuing a greater purpose and function, there are a myriad of idealists out there. Not everyone has the mental space to sit with the hard questions and map out a plan for moving forward and taking advantage of the tools that they possess. Dana's skill is in being able to sit in that place with you, ask both the easy and hard questions, and chart a path that can lead to not only growth, but an understanding in decision making that matches exactly where you want to go. She's been a refreshing resource for our organization, and I would recommend her to any seeking actionable items to becoming exactly who or what they want to become."

    Nick George,
    Founder/Executive Director, The Listening, Inc

  • Jody Greenstone Miller

    "Dana has been an invaluable guide and counselor to Business Talent Group (BTG). She knows as much about the contingent workforce as anyone in the market, and she helped BTG quickly prioritize where and how to work within this world. Dana’s deep industry relationships and knowledge accelerated our understanding of the total talent supply chain ecosystem and helped us formulate and execute our strategy."

    Jody Greenstone Miller,
    Co-Founder & CEO, Business Talent Group

  • brittany halberg

    "Dana is the perfect blend of tough love and support, and she has an incredible ability to help YOU find the answer to your own questions. Through her individualized coaching, I went from being a top producing individual contributor in a competitive sales role to managing a team of 25 (mostly millennials!). I would recommend Dana whether you are a first time manager or a seasoned leader. She knows people, and her approach is useful for many different businesses in different stages of growth and development."

    Brittany Halberg,
    Market Director, Harvey Nash

  • joan davison

    "When the concept of contingent labor as a strategic tool was in its infancy, Dana Shaw-Arimoto was the leading voice for advancing an emerging trend that is today a foundational pillar of the modern workplace. Beyond this, her expertise as a thought leader, coach, and strategic advisor in areas such as team development, competitive analysis, thought leadership, and market strategy is unparalleled."

    Joan Davison,
    President and CEO, Mestel & Co.


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