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60/30/10 Horizons Leadership: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Leading a Company of any Size

This piece is inspired by Brad Smith who teaches this method via online training (check it out here!). He talks about how his leadership team operates by focusing 60% of their time on day-to-day tasks, 30% in adrenaline junkie mode, looking for what’s hot and what’s next, and 10% on diving for sunken treasure. That is, working towards a big, wild, audacious goal that is game changing and/or market making.

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F.E.A.R.: False Evidence Appearing Real

The best advice I’ve ever been given in my career, let alone throughout life, is how to avoid F.E.A.R., or False Evidence Appearing Real. It’s simple and clear in concept but very difficult to apply in the moment and is comprised of two parts: Fact v. Fiction and Channeling Your Inner Two-Year-Old.

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The Antidote to Work-Life Balance Part 5: Vitality (Wellbeing)

Hello, everyone! I am back again with the final installment of my Antidote to Work-Life Balance series with Vitality! Now, Vitality does not only mean your physical health. It includes your mental and spiritual well-being and how you achieve, stay, and improve those as well. So, hobbies, the things that you do that bring you joy, and any other way in which you increase your energy all go under this facet.

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