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Speak Your Truth: Equip Yourself to Handle Harassment

Recently, Time has named their Person (more accurately People) of the Year as the Silence Breakers. The people that came forward with their stories of sexual harassment and assault. The veil has lifted, and finally, sexual misconduct, harassment, and assault are becoming more talked about – coming out of the shadows to be addressed and discussed.

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The Antidote to Work-Life Balance: Part 2. Generations

Unconditional, Learning, Joy, Comfort, and Safe. These are all words I associate with family. In the second part of the Antidote to Work-Life Balance Series, I want to explore another facet of the Stop Settling™ world, Generations. Generations is just my fancy way of saying family. Family is something that occupies a fraction of most of our lives and can be very integral. Therefore, it can be very easy to settle in this facet.

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