Expert coach and advisor to the world's leading companies about the future of work.

Expert coach and advisor
to the world's
leading companies about the future of work.

Dana is a renowned expert and speaker on the future of work, the total talent ecosystem, and the technologies that enable how work gets done. Her depth of wisdom surrounding risk management and the growing needs and usage of freelancers, independent contractors, and the nonemployee workforce makes her a must-have when contemplating your next event. Whether you are navigating the intersections between enterprise companies and their suppliers, regulatory or legislative macro trends, or simply wanting to understand the risk management measures that must come with today's talent, her use cases, quantifiable research, and network of other like-minded experts will help your audience walk away with actionable insights.

Dana frequently shares stories, what works and how to avoid what doesn’t as it relates to the F2000, start-up, and nonprofit worlds as they contemplate what’s next surrounding their people practices. Today, she coaches leaders, teams, and organizations to realign their goals to become market leaders and ultimately, market makers. Her passion towards giving back also finds her mentoring, training, and leading discussions with women in technology and urban youth. Dana has a voice that resonates with the mission towards diversity, inclusion, and eliminating unconscious bias.

Upcoming Speaking Dates

Keynote on Leadership
San Francisco, CA
March 11th

Total Workforce Solutions
Orlando, FL
April 18th

The Digital Talent Economy
San Francisco, CA
May 4th

The Digital Talent Economy
New York City, NY
June 8th

The Digital Talent Economy
San Francisco, CA
August 22nd

Private Event at Johnson Health Center
Keynote on Leadership
Lynchburg, VA
October 11th

Keynote Speaker
Lynchburg, VA
October 12th

The Gig Economy: Emerging Trends & Keys to Retaining Top Talent
Palo Alto, CA
November 14th

Private Board Event
January 28th-30th, 2018


  • Building an Advisory Practice
  • Channel Partnerships
  • Confidence360 & Anti-Harassment
  • Contingent Workforce Environment
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Emerging Talent Technologies
  • Go-To-Market Innovation
  • Leadership Coaching & Development
  • People Practice
  • Stop Settling®
  • Strategic Offsite & Board Facilitation
  • The Future of Work
  • Total Talent Ecosystem & Market Intelligence
  • Women in Technology

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